The beauty of Satara- Lesser known Maharashtra!


Surrounded by hills of Western Ghats in all directions, Satara is a town popularly known for Kaas Pathar, a UNESCO heritage site. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. It is the geographical setting of the city though, that makes the place unique and interesting. Little strips of hills stretch all around, leaving […]

What to do in and around Kasar Devi!

How about nothing? Sometimes it’s perfectly okay, and absolutely necessary to shut down, kick back and do nothing. What is important is to take out time for oneself. Do nothing. Believe me. Doing nothing is very important. You will then surely know exactly what you need to do. With no Mall road, branded stores or […]

Biking solo to Sariska-Bhangarh-Alwar!

Biking is not about speeding at 100 miles an hour, sharp turns, fancy bikes, branded gears or displaying flamboyance. To ride is to feel the warm rays of the sun, the wind brushing against you, a sense of freedom, never ending roads and mental inactivity or sometimes the other way around. Long roads, contrasting barren brown […]

On the road to Lansdowne !

THE LONG NIGHT It was 2 am on a Saturday at Meerut when we were looking for directions. A glance at the android phone and suddenly we found ourselves under the bike struggling to stand on our feet. It was my first accident. Not particularly anything to be happy about at all, but I was. […]