On the road to Lansdowne !


It was 2 am on a Saturday at Meerut when we were looking for directions. A glance at the android phone and suddenly we found ourselves under the bike struggling to stand on our feet.

It was my first accident. Not particularly anything to be happy about at all, but I was. 😛 Thankfully, we were on a speed of only about 25 km/hr when Tushar asked me to have a look at the google maps.  It was a matter of seconds when the bike changed it’s course and drifted towards the footpath, full of stones. I lost control and the bike skid.

It was so sudden that it took us quite a while to realize what had happened. Two guys (who were enjoying their Friday night) on that lonely road came to our rescue. They helped us with the bike, provided water and accompanied us to the hospital.

We were in a bad state with wounds all over our elbows and knees. We could hardly walk. For a moment, the idea of returning back crossed our minds. But it was only for a moment. After a few bandages, injections and some pain killers, we were ready to hit the road again. Only this time, we were more cautious and it took us more than a minute to mount the bike with joints movable only to a limited angle.

  • Wounded and bruised but happy on the roads of NH-34.


Lansdowne is around 270kms from Delhi. Late night, we took the NH-34 which takes you through work in progress Ghaziabad to Meerut, to sugarcane fields and industry in Mawana, via Bijnor and Najibabad to Kotdwar. Though the roads from Mawana to Bijnor are in a state of ruin, the absolute dark stillness and the beautiful scenery afterwards made up for it. The early morning weather combined with the semi-rural setting was a delight to the urban eyes.

Roads and views only got better from Kotdwar where the slope to the hills begin. It was quiet throughout and we could feel a sense of calmness in the air.  Surrounded by pine trees, the roads were smooth and it was a pleasing ride. It was almost 11 when we reached.

  • Scenes at dawn.



Lansdowne is a small and quiet town in the hills of Uttarakhand. Unlike popular hill stations, this is not crowded and is owing it’s population largely to the army cantonment. I hear people with statements such as –  “There is nothing quite(nothing fancy I suppose) in this town.” “There is not much of crowd.”

Well, that is what exactly is noteworthy about this serene place. The roads that lead you here (unless you are sleeping in your car with conditioned air), the ride, pine trees, army cantonment, the uncrowded town and it’s silence.

We explored the town pretty much on 2 wheels. To ride through the unknown town on your vehicle gives you a feeling that you are home. The place never felt like our first visit.

For people looking for weekend options, this is surely a pleasant getaway.

Tourist spots include Bhulla Tal lake, Tip n Top view point, St. Mary’s Church, Army Museum and Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple.  

** Special mentionLansdowne Trip Travel cafe. This is a must-visit. Check picture- in the photo slider below.

  • Road to Lansdowne.

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How to reach?

Bus to Kotdwar from Delhi. An hour from Kotwar on a local bus/taxi.


For budget travellers – There is a guest house near the Mall road itself. Do not really recall the name. Ask the locals.

Others – Lots online and even on the spot. It generally isn’t crowded.


RIDE from Delhi on your own. Long roads, countryside await.  🙂

Biking solo to Sariska-Bhangarh-Alwar!

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