Life in Varanasi- Ghats & People!


Home to Lord Shiva, Varanasi (also known as Banaras or Kashi) is one of the most ancient cities in the world. To put down into words my experience in this city, will be difficult. You’ve got to be here to feel it. To believe it. The rush and the madness. I had mixed feelings during […]

2 months in Sikkim! What did I do?

Sikkim blog

Sikkim possesses raw beauty. It doesn’t scream for attention. The state is on hilly terrain. In its season, rivers and waterfalls flow through the state. Water which is pristine, gushing directly from the snow-capped mountains, which are in themselves, a sight to behold. I had planned at least 2 months in the state. And 63 […]

All the travel movies ever made!

Most of us love to travel. Some love to dream about it. For some, the idea of it sounds more fascinating than the act itself. Most of us love movies too. A medium to transport us for a couple of hours into another dimension. A break from our routine life. But they can have a […]

Ranikhet – Of greener grass and apples!


During my conversation with the cab driver on my way back from Ranikhet, I asked him curiously, ‘Isn’t the place and the hills around greener than usual?’  ‘Yesterday, an old gentleman travelling with me had the same query,’  he replied, agreeing at the same time.   Now, I’ve been to the mountains in all seasons. Have relished […]