About me

Hi folks!

Named Raunak Airan, I am a traveller who is passionate about hiking and adventure; love travelling raw for the unmatched experiences and the unknown elements it brings with it.

It was all I thought of and all I wanted to do.

An alumni of SRCC and a Chartered Accountant; I have worked in a multinational bank for 5 years. Every day in office was spent in preparation towards my dream; which was to travel and to live a life on my own terms. Now that I am exploring India gradually, I am happy to say that I am living a content life. I hope you follow your dream too. It takes a little courage but every day feels like a blessing here.


I’ve started to blog to inspire and infuse in people a sense of awareness regarding the importance of travel. I see people caught in their lives and just drifting gradually with it not knowing what or where. We are taught to study, earn and survive but not how to live and learn that life is not just limited to the 20 km radius of one’s city. Worse, we are not even taught how to spend.

Travel brings along these striking moments; encounters with different people having altogether another perspective of things, extraordinary places, unique traditions, lifestyles and food, in-numerous episodes worth one’s remembrance and discovering that-

In the grand scheme of things, we are very small; in the grand scheme of things, we know nothing at all.

Travel RAW!