Vagabonding: 2.5 years on…

Long term travel

It has been a long time on the road. I do not have a base from where I travel to and fro. Nor do I want one for now. Everywhere is home. The exhilaration that fizzed in the first year of travel has gradually settled. The initial adventures on the road have now become routine. […]

Vagabonding: 15 months on…


The adventures have begun. I have lived a few lives. The stories keep piling up. I do not recall them; all at a time. Some days are tough. This is what I have chosen for myself. Traded money for time. I spend my days as I wish. The desires are limited. There is no rushing […]

All the travel movies ever made!

Most of us love to travel. Some love to dream about it. For some, the idea of it sounds more fascinating than the act itself. Most of us love movies too. A medium to transport us for a couple of hours into another dimension. A break from our routine life. But they can have a […]

Top 10 must watch travel movies !

While it may not always be possible to travel, a movie is the best way to transport you to foreign lands, live the adventures of the protagonist, inspire you and make you want to backpack and leave right away. These movies are a must watch for every travel lover. It is imperative that you get […]

Why is travelling so important !

10 hours of work, 8 of sleep and the rest lost in between. Is this what you were looking for or imagined to spend your days like? While the oil may not have spilt for many of us, we have but forgotten to notice the Persian tapestries and the garden that the Master of Gardeners […]