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Travel documentaries

..If only you let it.

Breaking stereotypes isn’t easy. Most of us need a kick or a little push to convince ourselves and break barriers that we always thought were shatterproof. And the first step to achieve the extraordinary always starts with the mind. A change in perspective.

The documentaries mentioned below are my absolute favourites. Visually appealing as they are, not to forget the years of hard work, patience, perseverance and man’s indomitable spirit behind. I am sure their novel take on life would make an impact on you as they have had on me.

Top 10 travel movies! How many have you seen?

Free Solo

Free Solo

Form of travel/adventure: Rock Climbing

Reasons to watch: For the jaw-dropping and outrageous free climb of El Capitan by Alex Honnold. There simply cannot be anything quite like it.

Under an Arctic Sky

Under an Arctic sky

Form of travel/adventure: Surfing

Reasons to watch: For man’s insatiable hunger for finding adventure in harshest conditions and the dreamy skies of Iceland.

Our Planet

Our Planet

Form of travel/adventure: Natural Landscapes and Wildlife

Reasons to watch: For the captivating landscapes, years of extraordinary human effort and patience, mesmerizing beauty of our planet and David Attenborough‘s narrative.

*Do not miss the ‘Behind the scenes’.

Walking the Nile

Walking the Nile

Form of travel/adventure: Trekking and Hiking

Reasons to watch: For the exotic journey from the source of the river Nile to it’s mouth, unique and diverse faces and lifestyle of Africa and Levison Wood.

It remains my inspiration for long term travel by foot one day.

Eclipse (Salomon Freeski)


Form of travel/adventure: Skiing

Reasons to watch: For the 5 minutes goosebumps at the end of the video. I still get it every time I watch it. If you are lucky enough to feel it, Highasakite’s ‘My Soldier’ will remain with you for the rest of your life.

*Here is the link 🙂

A Map for Saturday

A Map for Saturday

Form of travel/adventure: Solo travel

Reasons to watch: To help you take that first step if you still haven’t. Travelling solo. If you never go, you will never know.

You have to.

(Both watch and travel solo.)

Samsara and Baraka


Form of travel/adventure: Life and Visuals

Reasons to watch: To witness the stunning visuals around the globe by photographers spanning a few years. This is unlike anything you have seen before. A masterpiece.

Extraordinary belongs to those who create it. 

Stay raw.

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