Trekking solo to Deorital-Chopta-Chandrashila summit!

View from the Chandrashila summit!
At Rudrapryag
Trekking solo !

This was my first solo trek and it was better and much more than I had expected it to be.

Trekking solo in India unlike the west, remains unknown, untried and unthought of and hence looked at with raised eyebrows, weird faces emitting amusement and scepticism; and also sometimes with an acknowledgement for some kind of an accomplishment.

To me, it is a necessity and seems absolutely normal.


After going through a lot of treks on the web, I had finally narrowed it down to Deorital-Chandrashila. Lake, forests, meadows, snow-capped mountains, the feeling of the summit; all were on offer in this exciting trek.

An overnight bus from Delhi took me to Haridwar in about 5-6 hours. The early you reach, the better, so that you can take the bus to Rudraprayag and reach by noon. Buses from Haridwar start as early as 04.30 in the morning since none ply during the night. The route throughout runs alongside the aqua blue Ganges and you can feel fresh air around.

(Note: The journey is long and may not be most comforting in the crowded local buses, but that is the essence of it all.)

Halt on the way to Rudrapayag for a quick tea and some snacks.
Halt on the way to Rudraprayag for a quick tea and some snacks.


At Rudraprayag!
At Rudraprayag!


The bus dropped me at Rudraprayag at around 11.30 am and I was in need of a break after the long journey. Had my breakfast and went about for a walk in the small town.

After speaking to a few locals, I visited the Narad temple and took a dip in the cold flowing water at Sangam.

One can spend some time here and enjoy the sangam (the point of confluence) of the Alaknanda and Mandakini river and immerse in the vibes of the holiness of the city.

How to reach Sari ?

Sari is where the trek to Deorital lake starts.

Delhi to Haridwar >> Rudraprayag >> Ukhimath  >> Sari

Alternatively, one can hire a shared jeep from Rudraprayag to Agastyamuni and then to Ukhimath in the same mode. Since there are few buses from Rudraprayag, you may have to wait quite a bit.

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On the bus to Ukhimath, I found company in a group from France who were also on their way to the lake. Travel stories and plans were discussed. There is this thing about travellers; they bond in no time and have lots to talk about, though everything directly or indirectly comes down to the same thing i.e travel.

It had started to drizzle and none of us were sure if the trek should be undertaken that evening. We reached at around 4 in the evening and the weather was still gloomy. The French stayed at Ukhimath and I decided otherwise. I immediately took a cab to Sari who charged me 500 bucks for the drive which otherwise would have been a mere 20.

(The next bus to Sari would leave in another half an hour and I couldn’t afford to wait; courtesy- the uncertain weather.)


  • Deorital lake
    The hidden gem near the village Sari - Deorital lake !

The trek to Deorital lake starts from the village Sari. Though it is only a 3km trek, it is an uphill and well defined trail and will take around 1-1.5 hours. Since I was here on the eve of Diwali, I hardly found anyone on the trek until I reached the lake and found a tent being fixed. I was relieved.

The lake reflected the mountains and was looking magnificent. It was about sunset and mountains changed from impeccable white to red, orange and pink.

My tent was fixed by a local and I found company in a guy group from Dehradun. A young couple from Hyderabad also joined us later that evening. It was great to see that out of all the places, this couple had chosen to be here at this lesser known serene lake in this festive season- far from the madding crowd, from thousands of miles away. (Wish more travellers like them.)

It was getting cold; we had our dinner and the night was spent at the campfire under a zillion stars visible through the naked eye.

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On the 14km trek to Chopta.
On the 14km trek to Chopta.

After breakfast, we left the for the 14km trek to Chopta with a guide.

(Note: I would advise for a guide since the trek is complicated with a lot of confusing trails. The guide can be hired at the lake itself.) 

Some members of the guy group decided to leave late and we were to mark the way for them with tissue paper. The trail was long but kept shifting from rocky terrain to dense forests, meadows and downhill towards a stream.

It took us about 5 hours to reach Chopta which was but a very small and beautiful town covered with glorious mountains on one side.

It was evening and the rest of the trekkers had not yet reached. (Our tissue rolls were limited and had finished just before the last hour of the trek.)

Due to unavailability of any network, no contact could be made. The sky was getting darker when we decided to go back and search them with the help of a local, calling out names and signalling with torches in the dense quiet forest.

We finally found them taking rest in an abandoned hut which was a big relief and the end of an adventurous and tiring day.

It was Diwali and no better way to have celebrated it in the absolute noise and pollution free town of Chopta with a handful of people.

Diwali at Chopta!
Diwali at Chopta- One of the rare crackers going off !


If you want the charming and surreal views of the mountains, the best time to reach the top is either at sunrise or sunset. I slept by 9 to start the trek early in the morning. It was dark with temperature below 0 degree Celsius. There was absolute stillness on the way and the sky looked bright filled with stars.

Although I started the trek alone, it was agreed with the others (the Dehradun group and the couple from Hyderabad) to start the trek early and reach the summit by dawn. So although i was trekking alone, I knew that there were others on the trek with me. That gave me some kind of comfort.

Tungnath (the highest Shiva temple) is 2 kms from Chopta and the trail is steep throughout.  A 1.5 km trek from Tungnath would take you to Chandrashila peak where you would get a 360 degree view of the mountains of lower Himalayas.

Grand mountains all around with clear skies at about 4,000m(13,000 ft.) is a delight for a traveller. The view is one to savour  for the rest of your life.

It will stay with you forever. 

  • The temple - Chandrashila summit !

This is a must do trek and is a relatively easy one. Live it now!

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44 Replies to “Trekking solo to Deorital-Chopta-Chandrashila summit!”

  1. Rahul Koshik says: Reply

    It is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen in my life. Reallly want to appreciate your choice of selection starting your solo trek trips with Chopta & Chandrashila considering you as coming from Eastern part. Keep the enthusiasm on. Explore the unexplored… ☺👍

    1. admin says: Reply

      Thank you Rahul! Will keep exploring the less explored. You must too. 🙂

  2. Shikhar says: Reply

    Hi Raunak, awesome stuff. I am planning to undertake the same trek solo during this Christmas. Do I need to get in touch with a guide in advance to pitch my tent in Deoriatal and Chopta.Would you recommend taking a guide along for the trek upto Chandrashila considering it will be peak winters? Thanks buddy

    1. admin says: Reply

      No you need not. Although a guide is a must for the trek from Deorital lake to Chopta which can be done at the lake itself. Otherwise you are just fine. Happy trekking!

  3. Sarthak Maheshwari says: Reply

    Hi Raunak,
    Me and some of my friends are planning to visit this beautiful place in the last week of November, will i find snow there?I also wanted to ask if we can reach Chopta and start the trek from there to Tungnath/ Chandrashilla or we have to reach Deorital and start it all over from there? Should i take a guide with me for the 4 kms (chopta -tungnath-chandrashilla ) trek ?

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Sarthak!

      You have chosen a great trek! You can only find a few patches of snow at Chandrashila top in last week of November.
      Since you are going to Chandrashila, you must visit the Deorital lake too. For Chandrashila, you have to start it from Chopta. Deorital lake trek starts from village Sari.
      A guide is not recommended at all for Chandrashila trek in November. Th trail is well defined and you guys can do it yourself. Have a great trek 🙂

  4. TreakEnthu says: Reply

    I’m planning to take this trek in mid-April as the solo traveller.

    Could you give me more details about how did you manage your stay and food being solo? I want to see how to get tents on deorital and chopta?

    Did you stay at chandrashila peak as well?

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Vish,

      Accomodation in the form of tents and lodges are available at Deorital lake(tents only), Chopta and Chandrashila. There are small shops which provide both food and stay. So you do not have to worry about that.

      Stay at Chandrashila peak is not possible. Maybe a few hundred feet below that, but that is only possible if you have got your own tent or accompanied by trekking groups. Stay is preferable at Tungnath. Chandrashila is just an hour away from here.

      I stayed at Chopta and completed the Chandrashila trek(to and fro) on the same day.
      All the best for your trek. This is one amazing one!

  5. Mayank says: Reply


    I also want to follow the same route as your’s.
    Haridware>rudraprayag>sari>Deorital lake>chopta>tungnath > chandrashila

    My queries:
    1. For which part a guide is needed.
    2. Which place is good for overnight stay.
    3. how is the weather in march.
    4. what you recommend solo or with a travel agency.
    5. is it a good trek for beginners.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Mayank,
      Yes. That is the perfect trail to follow.

      1. Guide is only required for the Deorital to Chopta trek. You can hire any local at the lakeside.
      2. Day 1- Deorital lake tent, Day 2- Reach chopta and stay at any lodge. Day 3- You can complete Chandrashila and leave that day itself. Or, stay at Tungnath or Chopta again.
      3. March should be quite cold and you would find snow. So be prepared.
      4. SOLO anyday.
      5. This is the one of the best treks for a beginner.

      Just do it and get amazed!

  6. Neeraj says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing this info. Really useful to plan a solo trip.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Really glad that it is helping you go solo. Motivates me to write more. 🙂

  7. Akanksha says: Reply

    Is this place is save for solo female Traveller

    1. admin says: Reply

      Yes Akanksha. It is totally safe for a solo female traveller. People are warm here as they mostly are in the mountains. And treks are not long. These are day treks so you should be good.
      Needless to stay, stay aware. 🙂

  8. kritika kamra says: Reply

    Hi Raunak,
    Great post.
    So I am planning to follow the same route in the coming weekend.
    1.)Are the mountains covered with snow throughout the year? ( the one visible from the lake)
    2.) Will 3 days be enough if i start my journey from Delhi?
    3.) I have my own tents, so are there good ( and safe) places to put up the tents in tungnath?
    4.) Also, how much will the local guide cost for the trek till chopta?( and please share any number if you have one)

    1. admin says: Reply

      Thank you Kritika!
      Coming to your queries:

      1. Yes they are.
      2. It is possible if the journey starts at night from Delhi which would be your day zero. But i would recommend a 4 day trip.
      3. Not sure about Tungnath itself. You will have to look for one. You will definitely find one on the way to Tungnath/Chandrashila. You can also camp at Chopta if you like.
      4. Depends on how much you can negotiate. Our guide cost us 200 each for 5 people. I do not have any number. You can ask at any shop set near the lake.

      Happy trekking!! 🙂

  9. kritika kamra says: Reply

    Thanks man!

    1. admin says: Reply

      Anytime. That’s my job. 😀

  10. Pujan says: Reply

    Hello Raunak,
    Im planning this chopta chandrashila next month 16 june. Will reach haridwar on my own and then Im not sure to take a guided tour or do the trek on my own.
    I will travelling with my wife, so want everything organised like transports , staying at tents etc.
    Have a couple questions to you since you have done the trip already.

    1) Is it necessary to carry your own tent or we can find tented accomodation along the route ?

    2) Are transportation readily available from sari to chopta and chopta to haridwar or do we need to hire cabs for the trips?

    3) Trek groups like Thrillophilia, trekHimalayas are charging Rs 9500/- pp for 3 night tour to Chandrashila , do you think for first timers in the area its better to opt for a organised guided tour instead of a adventurous self tour? Im ok to pay a little extra money for more organised and hassle free tour.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

    1. admin says: Reply

      Hi Pujan!
      Good to know that you have chosen this trek. Regarding your queries:

      1. Yes you will find accommodation at Deorital, Chopta and Tungnath.
      2. Shared taxis/buses are available from Sari to Chopta and then to Haridwar. For the latter, you may have to change a few.
      3. This trek is doable without any trekking group. I would recommend you to do without one. It is very much possible.
      But then if you guys want an organised trip, you can go for it. Depends on your priority totally. 🙂

  11. Vishnu Vardhan says: Reply

    Hi Raunak,
    I am planning to do Chopta- Tungnath-Chandrashila trek in late July. Is it okay to trek in July? How are the hotels/ guesthouses in Chopta? What are the expenses?

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      The weather would be great but then it is the onset of monsoon. Trekking in monsoon is generally avoided. If you have planned it, be sure to ready a poncho/raincoat.
      There are only a few guest houses at Chopta but they are quite reasonable(anything between 400-800/night). You have an option to camp too, which may be a little expensive.

  12. Deepak says: Reply

    Hi Raunak,
    How much time it takes to trek all the way down from chandrashila to sari? Also, is it possible to reach back Delhi the next morning (around 5-8 am) if we start our trek down from chandrashila around 10 am?
    Preferred means of transportation: local/interstate buses

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Hi Deepak!
      The trek to Chandrashila starts and descends to Chopta and not Sari. Deorital lake trek starts from Sari. It is possible to start very early and reach Chopta back by 10am and then travel the whole day in local bus/shared jeeps and reach Haridwar by 7/8pm.
      Then take a bus to Delhi at night.Hectic but possible. 🙂

  13. Ankit says: Reply

    Hi Raunak,
    Lovely piece of work. 2 questions :
    1. How much will stay at Chopta cost and how to arrange ?
    2. How early should i start from Chopta to witness sunrise at Chandrashila ?

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Hi Ankit!
      Thank you.
      1. Stay at Chopta can cost anywhere between Rs 300-1000 depending upon the stay and the season. Tents are also available.
      2. Again depends on the season. You would need around 2.5 hours from Chopta to reach Chandrashila on time for the sunrise.

      All the best for your trek! 🙂

  14. Shivam says: Reply

    Should I do the trek for dhouri tal ,chopta ,and tungnath.i m beginner

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Yes Shivam. You can do it even if it is your first trek. But do get into the fitness mode at least a couple of weeks prior to the trek. These treks may get a little tough in winters. But still doable if you worked on your fitness.

  15. En route from Lake to Chopra, does Rohini bugiyal come in way or have spend another day to cover that?

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      I am not very sure of Rohini Bugyal. There are a few meadows in the trek from the lake to Chopta, though small ones.

      From what I have read, it is on the trek from the lake to Chandrashila. So I may have missed it. In that case, you may have to spare another day.

  16. Siddharth says: Reply

    I always thought that from deoria tal you have to come back to saari and take a taxi to chopta. Is there an on foot trail till chopta from deoria tal?

    How much does the guide cost from deoria tal to chopta?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Yes, as mentioned it is not the easiest to decipher. A guide is definitely recommended.

      It cost us ₹1000 for 5 people.

  17. Hi Raunak – this is great info !

    I had some more queries :
    1. How crowded is the this whole trek route ? I am planning in September end
    2. Is there a risk to reach places like Deoriatal or Chopta and then find stay options ? i.e. is there a chance that i reach there and everything is taken ?
    3. How beautiful is the whole trek experience ?

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Thanks Mani.

      1. I hardly found anybody on the way to the lake. For the trek to Tungnath, you will surely find people. Anyways, the trek is well defined.

      2. No, I don’t think so. You will surely find someplace if you are willing to adjust.

      3. It definitely is worth it. You mustn’t think much. Just leave.

  18. Hi Raunak – thanks for sharing great info !,

    we are total 4 person and want to go tungnath- chandrashila. we are from Gujarat so we stay in Haridwar and then trek to tungnath.. so my query is
    1. from Haridwar to ukhimath taxi or car available ??
    2.from ukhimath to copta road is open in December ??
    3 we can trek solo from chopta to tungnath and return in same day it is possible ??

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Hi Jogesh..

      For all your queries:
      1. Yes taxi available.
      2. Yes the roads are open in December.
      3. Possible.

      For more details/questions, you can connect with me on Instagram or Facebook. 😊

  19. Arpit says: Reply

    Hello Admin, I’m a first time trekker and i plan to do this trip with two friends.
    I would follow Delhi->Rishikesh -> Rudraprayag >> Ukhimath >> Sari -> Deoriatal Lake -> Chopta -> Tungnath and Chndrashila.
    I had few questions-
    1) Cost of taxi from Rudraprayag to Sari if i don’t find a local bus?
    2) Is there any risk of heavy snowfall as expected in Dec end(28/29 Dec)?(V.IMP :/)
    3) For which part a guide is needed. And in absence of guide how to find the correct path.
    4) Which place is good for overnight stay. (For 5Day/4Night trek)……I plan to stay one night at Sari as it would get late, one night at Deorital lake, one at chopta, and one at tungnath.

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Hi Arpit,

      Yes you will encounter lot of snow towards Chandrashila. Witnessing snowfall is luck. Rest, a guide is definitely required from the lake to Chopta.

  20. woow amazing

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Thank you Rohit !

  21. Hi Raunak, I just saw a comment you wrote on a forum a fews years ago about having a hard time with the thumbnail of whatsapp. (
    I’m having the same issue now… If I share it with an iPhone, the image goes but the text is wrong. If I share with Android, the text is right but the image is not there. Could you tell me how you solved it , as I see your blog now works? I would much appreciate it. Thanks.

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Sorry Mariana but it has been a long time and I do not recall. Must have tried out a few things mentioned there. Or maybe things just fell in line.

  22. swarup mahanta says: Reply

    I am planing deorital chadrashila solo trip in march. can you please help me .

    1. Raunak Airan says: Reply

      Please contact me on Instagram or Facebook for details.

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